Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Gayest GTA IV ever -GTA IV gay version

The Gayest GTA IV ever -GTA IV gay version in a VIDEO

Maybe, we found it funny, the video was exceptional enjoyable because we remember and get reminded, for the first time we played Grand Theft Auto. After a brief visit to Best Buys game stores we enthusiastically, paly the game for the first time.

Without any real concept of the game, but a huge desire to slip into a dark and rough roads in a very fast car, walked around the city Clueless sense of ATMs and search the car so much that we have a car.

In a few days on foot in various parts of the city and several visits to the farm shop, we decided to press freedom, and a call to a friend from fifteen years, son, we knew was a great player, GTA ask about the location of ATMs and those that could Buy things that you need to be in the game.

Apparently we have the wrong approach, as we are told that there are no ATMs in Grand Theft Auto, and that if we want to create a vehicle that we should steal "simply someone's nest." Ah, it is now clear, it seems, our lack of "Go" instincts are criminals expensive cost us the game. So, perhaps, explains why this video with soft Grand Theft Auto children seemed quite logical for us. Maybe we should only play into the Sims stupid softness more.

Is it us or does the voice sound kind of like Danny Tanner from Full House?